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Welcome to BioFit® Engineered Products

Welcome to BioFit® Engineered Products. BioFit is dedicated to improving the productivity and health of workers by providing proper ergonomic seating, workbenches and other ergonomic products. BioFit products can be found in all types of labor-intensive work environments:

    • manufacturing
    • high-tech (clean rooms, ESD facilities and laboratories)
    • hospitals/health care
    • educational institutions
    • drafting areas
    • offices

BioFit engineers have been solving ergonomic problems since before ergonomics became a popular concept. Their contributions make the company what it is today -- a leader in ergonomic products for the workplace. Visit other areas of this site for more information about:

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We see ergonomic issues continuing to develop in the 21st century workplace. With our sound financial base, you can be assured that we will continue to address the need for evolving technology. You can count on us to develop and produce innovations in ergonomic products on an ongoing basis.

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We have developed this site to keep you informed of ergonomic developments, new BioFit products and ergonomics resources on the Web. Visit it regularly. Thank you for visiting us.

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