Best Handheld Carpet Cleaner Comparing

Best Handheld Carpet Cleaner  Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush Handheld Deep Cleaner, 1716B – Corded vs. BISSELL SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner, 1719 – Cordless

Finding the best handheld carpet cleaner is not so easy today as there is so much competition amidst the different brands and models. Bissell is a highly acclaimed brand amongst carpet cleaners, and if you are wondering if you should buy the Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush Corded 1716B or the Bissell Spotlifter 2X portable cordless 1719 carpet cleaners, here is a comparative analysis to help you out.

  1. Weight and cord

As the name mentions, the Bissell Spotlifter 1716B has an 18’ long power cord which provides continual cleaning performance without the need of constant recharging. As the machine has a long cord, and is lightweight, it can be used to clean anywhere around the house.

On the contrary, the 1719 cordless spot cleaner is heavier at 6.25 pounds. As it’s cordless, it’s perfect to clean emergency spots and spills without worrying about constantly plugging and unplugging.

It needs a 24 hour first charge and subsequent charging for 12 hours to give 15 minutes of suction power. This however can be a disadvantage while cleaning large and stubborn stains, unlike the Bissell 1716B which offers continual cleaning power.

  1. Water tank

The 1716B has two tanks- a large, 12oz. dirty-water collection tank and an 8 oz. cleaning solution tank which can be easily emptied and refilled after continual carpet cleaning.

The Bissell 1719 too has two tanks. However unlike the easily removable 1716B water tanks, cleaning the 1719’s water tank is difficult as it’s full of nooks and crannies.

  1. Noise and performance

The Bissell Spotlifter 1716B comes with a motorized rotating brush rolls which double the cleaning power. It works using a continuous brushing and suction action to effectively remove all carpet stains and spots with minimal manual effort.

As the brush is mounted on a removable cartridge, maintaining and replacing the brush is an easy task. The only problem is that this brush adds to the noise level, while Bissell 1719 spot cleaner is not so noisy with its stationery brush head.

The continuous suction of the 1716B also ensures the carpet surface doesn’t get too wet by quickly sucking up all stains and dirt. The Bissell Spotlifter 1716B can be used to clean not only carpets but also furniture, mattresses, stairs and automobile upholstery.

The Bissell 1719 has a stationary cleaner brush which agitates the stain and sucks any debris up into the machine through the 7” nozzle. However it is not so efficient at sucking out water as the 1716B is. This means that carpets cleaned using the Bissell 1716B do not dry as quickly as carpets cleaned by the Bissell 1719.

  1. Warranty

Both the Bissell Spotlifter 1716B and Bissell 1719 come with a one year limited warranty where all repairs and part replacements will be done free of cost.


So taking a look at this analysis, it’s not so easy choosing between the Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush Corded 1716B or the Bissell Spotlifter 2X portable cordless 1719 carpet cleaners. Both are equally competent with their cleaning abilities.

While the 1719 is lighter and offers more portability, it can clean only for 15 minutes with a single charge. Its water tanks are difficult to remove with its many hooks and crannies, which is unlike the water tanks of the 1716B which can be easily removed. Moreover, the 1716B can be used continuously as it’s a corded machine with full cleaning power!

If you are looking for more power to clean larger stains, the 1716B is a better buy. But if you have kids and pets who constantly create messes around the house, the 1719 should be better to clean small spills in nooks and crevices around the house!

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