Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

Jim Kirby began designing and developing Kirby Vacuum Cleaners more than 90 years ago. Jim’s goal in life was to reduce and eliminate drudgery wherever possible. From the very first Kirby Vacuum Cleaners to those available today, they have all been designed with state of the art methods and materials. Kirby Vacuum Cleaners are available through independent, authorized dealers at in home demonstration. The Kirby Company is based in Cleveland, Ohio and located in more than 70 countries worldwide. The vacuum sales have been estimated to be about $1.1 billion per year. Vacuum sales are generally financed through its distributors.

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Kirby Sentria Vacuum Style F

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners include the Kirby Sentria is an upright model that utilizes the HEPA 11 Filtration system and style F Kirby bags. The vacuum is constructed of metal for durability and features the power tech drive for easy movement while vacuuming a carpet or wood floor. The Kirby Sentria has a variety of attachments for a variety of applications including a ceiling and wall brush, a duster brush and an upholstery wand and two extension tubes all held in the attachment caddy. The Kirby Sentria has an adjustment for carpet and wood floor to avoid damage to the floor covering.

Kirby Diamond Edition

The Kirby Diamond is an upright vacuum cleaner with tremendous suction that removes deep down dirt and grime out of the carpet. The vacuum has a disposable dust bag that is extra large in capacity. The Kirby Diamond is built with the same toughness as are all Kirby Vacuum Cleaners. The Kirby Diamond is a self propelled vacuum, making vacuuming almost effortless. The upright can easily transform to a canister model. The Kirby Diamond features a HEPA filtration system and a variety of attachments including upholstery nozzle, portable sprayer, duster brush, crevice tool and air intake guard. The one drawback to the Kirby Diamond is the extreme weight of the vacuum that makes it cumbersome transporting up and down stairs.

Kirby Ultimate G Vacuum

The Kirby Ultimate G Vacuum is a combination upright vacuum cleaner and carpet shampooer, making it a total floor care system. The Kirby G features the HEPA filtration system and Kevlar Fan. The Kirby G, like all Kirby Vacuum Cleaners, also comes with a set of 13 attachments that include a crevice tool, wall and ceiling brush and a duster all packed neatly into a tool caddy. The carpet washing attachment is for the person who wants to not only vacuum the carpets but shampoo them first. With a separate water container, the shampooer is easy to use. It has superior cleaning abilities leaving carpets grime free.

Kirby Generation 6 Vacuum

The Kirby Generation 6 vacuum cleaner features the HEPA 11 filtration system and the power tech drive for easy vacuum maneuvering. The Kirby Generation 6 comes with the genuine Kirby attachment kit including the upholstery nozzle, duster brush, crevice tool, portable sprayer and wall and ceiling attachment. The vacuum is built for durability and the punishment use can give it. The Kirby Vacuum Cleaners has foot settings for different floor types to protect the floor from damage while vacuuming.

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